The Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009–2014 Programme

The Ljubljana City Municipality has founded the Ljubljana Home Care Institution, which enables the elder, the disabled and chronically ill a better life at their home, it offers assistance at basic daily chores, in household and in the preservation of social contacts within the scope of the public services involving home assistance to families.

It offers social services to users: pedicure, hairdressing services, cleaning, escort etc. It involves volunteers, encourages intergenerational collaboration and organises meetings, events and self-care workshops.

The following free services will be offered within the scope of the project:

Occupational therapy

Physical therapy

Speech therapy

Measurements of psycho-physical abilities

Adapting the living environment to the needs of the elderly

Exercise programmes

Dietary consulting

Health care

This site was created with financial support from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism. The Home Care Institute Ljubljana assumes all responsibility for the content of this website which under no circumstances reflects the point of view of the promoter of the program, the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.