Speech therapy

Speech therapy is intended for verifying speech abilities, preparing an adapted rehabilitation programme, providing prognostic opinions and the orientation of therapeutic procedures for persons who have speech problems due to age, illness or injury.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy is intended for individuals who need to re-establish optimal movement and functional abilities or to maintain them. Physical therapy comprises procedures like movement and functional ability of an individual which is considered with regard to the circumstances like ageing, injuries, diseases, disabilities,m health or environmental factors. Physical therapy is purposed for improving motor abilities and for improving the quality of life.

Adapting the living environment to the needs of the elderly

The service applies to consulting and implementation of plans to adapt the living environment to the elderly with weaker psycho-physical abilities. Due to weaker motor skills, the existing arrangement of residences is becoming inappropriate and often dangerous for the elderly. There are many complications and falls due to non-adapted residential places (floor, edges, stairs, narrow doors, non-adapted bathroom, etc.) Appropriate equipment enables greater independence and autonomy.

Measurements of psycho-physical abilities

By implementing measurements of physical, motor and functional abilities and the features of motor-sport and dietary habits, intervention programmes will be executed to improve motor efficiency and dietary habits of the elderly. The intervention programme will include education and defining guidelines for exercise and healthy diet, adapted to specific needs of the elderly with the purpose of guaranteeing long quality and independent living of the elderly in home environment.

Exercise programmes

will be adapted to individual’s abilities, they will be implemented at homes or at near locations in the form of group exercise. The goal of individually adapted exercise is to achieve sufficient mobility of an individual, to maintain and improve the cardiovascular, respiratory and muscular as well as skeletal condition for quality living of the individual in home environment.

 Occupational therapy

An occupational therapists can help individuals despite their deficits and limitations due to their illness, injury or other circumstances to become/remain independent or satisfied in performing their basic daily activities (personal hygiene, eating, clothing, mobility, etc.), other daily activities (caring and managing their home, preparing meals and cleaning, caring for others, using communicational tools, shopping, etc.), in education, work, entertainment, spending free time and at the inclusion in the society.

Dietary consulting

will be intended for individual consultations, the promotion of a healthy diet and for the protection and improvement of health.

Health care

The task of health care is to enable assistance and care for the sick and elderly as well as to collaborate in the process of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.